PT Cruiser Convertible


PT Cruiser Community is a community for owners of this specific car model. We’ve heard about several PT Cruiser enthusiasts on how they long to join a community that shares the same love for the model. For those who are waiting, your long wait is over. Join our online community, and be part of our long drive in Amsterdam Heineken experience and other places worth visiting. The community also helps sellers of PT Cruiser. We understand the struggle of finding the right buyers, especially there are many newly released car models in the market. But don’t lose heart, there are still plenty of enthusiasts out there who would be willing to purchase this car model for a good price.

Some Things Never Get Old

What we like about PT Cruiser is the classic look that somehow resembles the beetle model. At first glance, PT Cruiser may look bulky. But Chrysler has a purpose for it. The bulkiness of the car gave it a spacious interior. Five people could sit comfortably without the feeling of congestion. PT Cruiser is definitely the car we would bring for Amsterdam canal tour joy drive. The classic look of PT Cruiser and its convertible version is timeless. You can drive the same car 10 years later and still would make people glance over this marvelous model.


Another notable aspect of the design, it can serve you as a mini-truck. Actually, that’s the main purpose of PT Cruiser. The design caters to box-type car lovers and leisure car enthusiasts. This is the part where car reviewers missed about PT Cruiser. The wide doors enable owners to put chunkier stuff in the car. The convertible version gives that feeling of freedom and of course allow owners to use the car for carrying heavy, bulky items. We personally believe that the PT Cruiser would be the ideal car to bring for family outings in Amsterdam city trip.

Bad Reviews, No Problem

Finally, there will be answers to those bad reviews about PT Cruiser. The owners of PT Cruiser have spoken up about their personal views about one of Chrysler’s most controversial car model in 2000. We have broken down all the negative reviews about the car model and also list down the positive things about it. For us, all the positive aspects of the model outweigh the negative.

What Do You Like About Your PT Cruiser?

Chrysler is one of the leading car manufacturers in the world. PT Cruiser is probably one of their most daring models. They wanted to create a paradigm shift that would excite the market. Sadly, people didn’t get what they are trying to achieve from releasing this model. However, some of us did get it. So, what do you like about your PT Cruiser? Please send us your messages through our contact form. Adding photos would be nice.

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