Why We Love About PT Cruiser

In 2001, Chrysler released PT Cruiser. A retro car with a touch of modern. It’s a cool ride. The concept is perfect for car enthusiasts with a taste for good design and features. Despite the beauty of this car model, it earned quite a lot of negative reviews which forced Chrysler to cease the manufacturing. However, not all missed the intricate details of this car model. In fact, there were groups of people who rave about this car.


Retro Look: The Perfect Mash Up of Plymouth and Beetle

One thing that you’ll first notice about PT Cruiser is the retro feel. As you stare at it, you’ll recognize its resemblance to Plymouth and Beetle. It’s just adapted two car designs in one car. How amazing is that? It’s an interesting car. A type of car that will make heads turn like the Amsterdam sightseeing boat tour. This car model has a major appeal for older folks. But it could also mesmerize younger generations.

Efficient on Gas Consumption

gasPT stands for private transportation. It’s not a fancy sports car. Chrysler remained true on their goal to make PT Cruiser as effective private transportation. We find the gas consumption of PT Cruiser is more efficient compared to other leisure cars with size this big. At first, you’ll have an impression that this is such a bulky car, but you’ll be surprised that your gas consumption won’t be high even lesser compared to other models.

Just The Right Mechanism

PT Cruiser has just the right mechanism for its purpose. It has no fancy features or unneeded mechanisms which could have caused the price to blow. Chrysler put in mind the price to be “affordable” yet the look is classic, too classy for cheap hotels by Amsterdam airport. Some may agree that the price was too rich for the mechanism it offers, but also consider the top-of-the-line interiors. And for people who understand car value, PT Cruiser selling price was not bad.

This is the perfect car for you to use if you are going for road trips together with your loved ones. If you are still not convinced to get one today, imagine yourself going to eurodisney with this car. Not only you’ll get there safely, but also in style. Imagine the face of the people seeing you get out of this great car. That would be a blast!

Also, this is not just for style but for your family’s use. This vintage car will never go out of style as it is considered as a classic already. It is as classic as eurodisney and will surely pass the test of time. Don’t be the last to get this great car! You have the time and opportunity now so you better grab it!